Tuesday , May 18 2021

About Hal Oskarsson

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I am Hal Oskarsson (Hallgrímur Óskarsson) and I am the founder of Verdicta.com – a consulting and a research company based in Iceland.

I often advise companies, CEOs and their leadership teams on goal achievement and market leadership.  In many projects, it has been my core assignment to find strategies to boost important figures like market share, customer satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS), awareness, revenues and profits.

One of the achievements about which I am most proud is developing the unique methodology of Corporate Framing, which has proven to be a successful way for companies to boost many common measurement results. Also worth mentioning is the ‘adFactor’, which is a new methodology that combines the advantages of quantitative and qualitative research. ‘adFactor’ can be used to measure almost anything and has proven particularly useful for companies seeking growth.

In recent years, I have been responsible for major consulting projects for various types of companies, including:

· banks and other financial institutions;
· insurance companies;
· asset management companies;
· dairy industry;
· retail chains;
· credit card companies;
· media and telecommunication companies;
· industrial and manufacturing companies;
· financial supervisory authorities;
· state investment authorities;
· governments and ministries;
· official and private institutions and organizations.



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