Tuesday , May 18 2021


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In my speaking engagements, my goal is to shed a new light on the relationship between companies and their customers and find ways for companies to increase market share significantly.

I have developed a visionary methodology called Corporate Framing.  This ground-breaking process allows companies to completely revamp their strategies in order to better satisfy customers. Using Corporate Framing, well-known corporate clients of mine have increased market share from 5% to 35% in just a few years, and other metrics (awareness, top-of-mind, NPS, revenues and profits) have similarly increased.

I coach management teams and CEOs, motivating them and helping them to reach their goals.  I also support them to define more effective strategies to reach higher levels of success.

In more detail, here are some of the typical topics I cover:

  • how and why customers request that the financial sector do things differently;
  • how mistrusted industry sectors can regain trust;
  • how Corporate Framing can do magic for almost any institution;
  • how Strategic Framing can improve customers’ opinions about a company;
  • how Q Plus Q Research can deliver unique information to management;
  • future vision talks to meet customers’ demands;
  • how Fintech is about to change the world for consumers and the financial industry.

Please contact my team to inquire about speaking engagements:


info (at) verdicta.com
Tel.: +354 517 6060



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