Tuesday , May 18 2021

VW’s scandal is a big opportunity for Mercedes Benz

Years ago, when Volkswagen was working on emissions problems regarding the EA189 TDI engine, they did not know how to keep nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions within EPA‘s standards. Now it has been revealed that VW “solved” the problem by installing test-rigging software that activates low levels of emissions only during laboratory emissions testing.

At the time of this bad decision, VW was offered a solution that could prevent higher levels of diesel emissions and keep VW true to common values of honesty and transparency. In 2005 VW was offered to buy Mercedes’ BlueTec system for reducing pollution.  VW’s management thought it was too expensive and decided that VW would develop their own method of pollution reduction.

This decision is arguably the worst decision VW has made in decades.

Mercedes’ BlueTec system is an advanced technology to reduce NOx pollution in diesel-powered vehicles. While many carmakers, including VW, did not want to purchase the BlueTec system, Mercedes decided that implementing BlueTec was the right thing to do even if it would involve soaring development costs and an increase in its car prices.


And now, Mercedes Benz is in a unique position of being associated with positive values thanks to this decision, while many long-term competitors have been caught falsifying emissions figures.

Mercedes Benz could gently convey these facts to consumers all over the world in order to further boost their already superior brand image. Who wouldn’t applaud the only carmaker that took those daunting steps in solving the diesel-emissions problem properly and with honesty? The impressive reputation of Mercedes Benz would be heightened even more if the public were made aware of its wise behavior. And that’s something of great value.

The only improvement I would suggest to Mercedes Benz is to use just one brand name for its clever technology.  The BlueTec metal logo is affixed to the back of their cars, but the liquid that lowers the emissions is called AdBlue. One name would better solidify the brand image in the minds of consumers.

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