Tuesday , May 18 2021
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A huge market opportunity in the sushi-industry

One particular habit of the sushi-industry has become a hurdle for growth in the industry as a whole. The habit if using too much plastic food containers:


For the sushi-industry, too much usage of plastic food containers is not only evoking negative thoughts towards the environment, it also dilutes the healthy brand image that the sushi-industry has obtained by developing this wonderful type of healthy food. Sushi is for those who think about their health and, therefore, the sushi-industry should be perceived positively by frontiers of the environmental-industry as a whole. The overconsumption of plastic food containers is a contradiction to the positive brand image that the sushi-industry has acquired as a whole.

The big marketing opportunity for any player in the sushi-industry is to stop all usage of plastics. To be friends of the ocean. It is logical, because sushi comes from the sea but plastic bags and plastic food containers are poisoning the sea. So, all people that care for sushi, should be friends of the sea. Therefore, they also are enemies of the usage of all plastic containers. A new sushi brand should focus on Eco Friendly Containers, 100% recycling and undergo strict environmental standards. That is surely a lovely idea for a sushi-brand.

The sushi-industry needs eco friendly food containers, such as this:

And as we know from the history of marketing, the first big sushi-brand that will rebel against the usage of all plastics, will earn a warm place in the minds of millions of sushi-lovers around the world.

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