Tuesday , May 18 2021

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When Flipping A Coin Sets The Fate Of A Nation


A ship with an august history is lost at sea. A dense fog has encompassed the ship, and the crew suspects that the navigation instruments are damaged.  No one seems to know the right direction to take in order to avoid encounters with reefs, shallow seas and bad …

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Apple’s lack of ethics is decreasing profits

Apple Logo Pic1

These days, we are catching a glimpse of what might be the future at Apple: Its continuous success of rising share prices, earnings and revenues might be over. A 27% decrease in share prices within a year is one sign of a changing tide: Financial experts at Bloomberg, …

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Big Banks: No Need To Rub It In

RBS message2

They are considered to be the least trusted sectors of our day: banks and financial services. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for banks to steer clear of messages that make consumers think more unfavorably about them than they already do. I have no doubt that banks are full of …

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