Tuesday , July 17 2018

Public Opinions

Apple’s lack of ethics is decreasing profits

Apple Logo Pic1

These days, we are catching a glimpse of what might be the future at Apple: Its continuous success of rising share prices, earnings and revenues might be over. A 27% decrease in share prices within a year is one sign of a changing tide: Financial experts at Bloomberg, …

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Stop glorifying terrorism and promoting ISIS


Would you be offended if I glorified the members or actions of ISIS? Or if I said the Paris attackers were cunning and tactical? Or if I called Anders Behring Breivik savvy, dominant, resourceful, impressive, or even a mastermind? Of course, I wouldn’t say those things. Yet this …

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Big Banks: No Need To Rub It In

RBS message2

They are considered to be the least trusted sectors of our day: banks and financial services. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for banks to steer clear of messages that make consumers think more unfavorably about them than they already do. I have no doubt that banks are full of …

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