Tuesday , May 18 2021


Opposite branding will damage your brand


Many years ago, Volvo was looking for a new marketing strategy to make its cars seem more exciting. Well known for making the world’s safest cars, often favored by middle-aged people, Volvo decided to put out a new message to the market: Volvos can also be fast and …

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A huge market opportunity in the sushi-industry

sushi front pic

One particular habit of the sushi-industry has become a hurdle for growth in the industry as a whole. The habit if using too much plastic food containers: For the sushi-industry, too much usage of plastic food containers is not only evoking negative thoughts towards the environment, it also dilutes the …

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The Assumption Fallacy

SIZE 2C - The Danger of Assuming w TAG

Recently, Porsche ran an advertising campaign to promote their new Cayenne S E-Hybrid electric/gasoline SUV in Scandinavia. The core aim of the campaign was to establish awareness that the new vehicle had been manufactured by the most skilled designers and engineers in the car industry, and the tag …

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Should Skoda stop using the “Simply clever” slogan?

simply clever w smoke

The aftermath of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal (nicknamed ‘dieselgate’) has just started. In September 2015, customers were told that the falsified emissions reports would affect not more than 482,000 cars, but since then, this number has risen to more than 11 million. That figure makes VW’s scandal counts as …

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Apple’s lack of ethics is decreasing profits

Apple Logo Pic1

These days, we are catching a glimpse of what might be the future at Apple: Its continuous success of rising share prices, earnings and revenues might be over. A 27% decrease in share prices within a year is one sign of a changing tide: Financial experts at Bloomberg, …

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Harry Potter’s Marketing Empire Breaks Down

HP Pottermore1

Without a doubt, Harry Potter is one of the best-known fictional characters to inspire some of the most successful products of recent decades. Not only are the haunting tales of Potter’s adventures particularly well-crafted, the marketing empire has done well when it comes to captivating readers’ hearts, thereby eliciting …

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The One Idea That Could Save McDonald’s


McDonald’s is in trouble. Sales have dropped (see WSJ), the brand image is weak, and the company seems to have lost its sizzle. Every other business magazine is writing a story about the decline of the brand (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) and the company itself seems to be reacting …

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How Sony Can Boost Its Brand Image: Put More Super Gear On Display


We’ve heard it too many times: All the top professionals prefer this particular brand (and therefore it’s the best). It’s a unique position in the brand ranking hierarchy to be the brand preferred by the best.  Then you don’t have to remind your customers that you have something …

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How VW Can Regain Trust: Communicate The Opposite


The diesel emissions falsification disaster is a difficult case for Volkswagen because many fundamental brand values and beliefs towards VW have been damaged. Greed, arrogance, dishonesty and product deception were not at all a part of VW’s brand image in the past. But now, these negative traits have …

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