Tuesday , May 18 2021


Trump’s claim debunked

DT Pic Front

An endless number of Donald Trump’s claims have officially been debunked at a number of times. It is almost as you can assume that any new claim from him is more likely to be false, than true. That’s quite a peculiar fact when you think about that he is the …

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Should Skoda stop using the “Simply clever” slogan?

simply clever w smoke

The aftermath of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal (nicknamed ‘dieselgate’) has just started. In September 2015, customers were told that the falsified emissions reports would affect not more than 482,000 cars, but since then, this number has risen to more than 11 million. That figure makes VW’s scandal counts as …

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Apple’s lack of ethics is decreasing profits

Apple Logo Pic1

These days, we are catching a glimpse of what might be the future at Apple: Its continuous success of rising share prices, earnings and revenues might be over. A 27% decrease in share prices within a year is one sign of a changing tide: Financial experts at Bloomberg, …

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Stop glorifying terrorism and promoting ISIS


Would you be offended if I glorified the members or actions of ISIS? Or if I said the Paris attackers were cunning and tactical? Or if I called Anders Behring Breivik savvy, dominant, resourceful, impressive, or even a mastermind? Of course, I wouldn’t say those things. Yet this …

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How Much Does Apple Need To Respond To Ethical Demands?


For decades, management books have described how the world’s biggest brands have achieved dominance and captivated consumers worldwide. We have heard tales from Coke, Intel, Apple, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble and other prominent players. Their work has been both glorified and vilified, but almost all of us have …

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