Tuesday , May 18 2021


The One Idea That Could Save McDonald’s


McDonald’s is in trouble. Sales have dropped (see WSJ), the brand image is weak, and the company seems to have lost its sizzle. Every other business magazine is writing a story about the decline of the brand (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) and the company itself seems to be reacting …

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VW’s scandal is a big opportunity for Mercedes Benz


Years ago, when Volkswagen was working on emissions problems regarding the EA189 TDI engine, they did not know how to keep nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions within EPA‘s standards. Now it has been revealed that VW “solved” the problem by installing test-rigging software that activates low levels of emissions …

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How Financial Companies Can Inspire Trust


Since the economic crisis of 2008, the level of public trust in corporations has decreased precipitously. The distrust is more evident among banks and financial companies, the fast food industry, genetically modified food producers, and even governments and elected officials. Therefore, everyone has suddenly become fascinated by the …

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How Sony Can Boost Its Brand Image: Put More Super Gear On Display


We’ve heard it too many times: All the top professionals prefer this particular brand (and therefore it’s the best). It’s a unique position in the brand ranking hierarchy to be the brand preferred by the best.  Then you don’t have to remind your customers that you have something …

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How VW Can Regain Trust: Communicate The Opposite


The diesel emissions falsification disaster is a difficult case for Volkswagen because many fundamental brand values and beliefs towards VW have been damaged. Greed, arrogance, dishonesty and product deception were not at all a part of VW’s brand image in the past. But now, these negative traits have …

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